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In the dynamic world of Video Games News, where innovation and creativity collide, Waterford Homes is emerging as a construction company that reflects the same spirit of excellence and reliability. Just as video game developers push the boundaries of technology and imagination to create immersive virtual worlds, Waterford Homes is known for pushing the boundaries of architectural innovation to create some of the most prestigious and aesthetically pleasing residences. Similar to the anticipation associated with the long-awaited release of a game, the announcement of a new Waterford Homes project generates excitement and interest in the real estate community. In the constant evolution of video games and real estate, these two seemingly different worlds are finding common ground in the pursuit of excellence. Waterford Homes' dedication to creating unparalleled craftsmanship mirrors that of game developers who strive to deliver an unrivaled gaming experience.

We are actively building new homes throughout Atlanta in areas such as Brookhaven, Marietta, Acworth, Alpharetta and Forsyth Co. We also have a community in Harbor Club at Lake Oconee. View our available homes below, or browse our Community map.


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